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  • Customizable Alerts For Teen Drivers
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Teenage drivers that are hospitalized every year due to motor vehicle related accidents


Teenagers that are killed in Motor Vehicle accidents, that is almost 7 per day.

4.8 Billion

Cost to teens, parents and insurance companies in medical and lost wages per year due to motor vehicle accidents

How Alerts Work

When it comes to teenage driving, the Hawkeyes Driving app is a literal lifeline between partent and child. You set the customizable alerts you would like to receive and we will send you a push notification when one of those alerts is triggered. All in Real Time.

Distance from home

Many parents are not comfortable with teens driving more than a few miles away from home or school. Set up a geo-fence with a 5 mile, 10 mile or custom mile radius and be notified when your driver goes “out of bounds”


According to police reports, 1/3 of auto accidents for teenagers involve speeding. Set an alert in the app to notify you when your driver goes above the posted speed limit, either a set amount (10mph) or even by a percentage.

Hours of operations

The majority of accidents involving teen drivers that result in hospitalization occurs between the hours of 9PM and 6AM. Set this alert, or customize the hours to your child, and you get a ping every time they are in a car between those hours.

Banned Locations

Does your driver ever visit places you think they should not be. Set this alert for multiple destinations and get a real time notification every time they visit a banned location.

Sensors & GPS

We use your drivers built in sensors to determine when they are in a vehicle as well as where they are. The sensors include the GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and other system functions. Some drivers will try and workaround the rules you set for them, so we have built in some automated alerts

Out of Services

If your drivers phone ever goes outside of cell service, you will receive a notification of loss of service. This will include the time as well as the last known location for the drivers phone.

GPS Turned Off

If the drivers phone has the GPS disabled for any reason, we will send you a real time push notification so you can be aware something is happening. This will include the time as well as the last known location for the drivers phone.

Device Powered Off

The best way for Mom and Dad to not know what I am doing is to turn off my phone. Well we will send you an alert if that happens as well. This will include the time as well as the last known location for the drivers phone.

Airplane Mode

This mode disables quite a bit of features including some sensors we use to make sure your driver is safe. If it is ever enabled, we will alert you with the last known location as well as the time it was enabled.

What we do

What make us better

We have some space invaders that have similar features. So what sets Hawkeyes Driving apart? First and foremost is the fact that we offer REAL TIME notifications. That is why we are the only app that is a lifeline between Parent and Driver. We give you information in real time so you can act before anything happens.

About Us

Merging passion with
hard work

Our founder, Adam Capps, is a father of 4 and this app was developed with his family in mind. It is our privilege to offer our customer a lifeline between parents and children when the stakes are so high. We know that keeping your family safe is important to you, and we hope you can trust that it is important to us as well.

With that in mind, we have brought together a team of not only tech focused individuals but also people from the insurance industry with years of experience trying to mitigate risks and keep people safe. Like our tagline says, let us watch your drivers when you are not in the car with them.

  • Founder is a Parent of 4
  • Tech focused Team
  • Insurance Industry Advisors
  • Literal Lifeline To Drivers
  • Safety is our Priority
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